Daily Schedule

The daily program of activities aims at shaping the child’s personality and the smooth development of his abilities. The initial goal, therefore, is to cultivate his senses and perceptions so that, adapted to the abilities of each child individually, to satisfy his needs and interests.

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The basic educational programs

The programs in “Stroumfakia” are based on modern concepts of education and programs of the Pedagogical Institute. Also based on university programs and research, taking into account the interests of children, their previous learning and social experiences, their personality and cultural identity.

The support program on the sensory mobility of children, consists of 5 categories of activities:

  • Activities for the education and control of body mobility
  • Activities for the development of hand dexterity
  • Activities that improve the child’s visual perception
  • Activities related to the child’s auditory perception and language development
  • Activities for the cultivation of the socio-emotional world of the child

Programs that are related to:

  • Learning of collaboration
  • Environmental Education
  • Health Education
  • Theatrical Education
  • Oral and written education
  • The natural sciences
  • The pre-mathematical concepts
  • The visual arts
  • The music
  • Messy play
  • Development of coarse and fine mobility
  • Development of socio-emotional intelligence

Our educational program is divided into monthly thematic units and work plans and is provided to children through rich supervisory material and age-appropriate teaching methods. The monthly activity plan is sent to the parents every month.

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Thematic tributes

We have the so-called thematic tributes (project method) which mainly concern and frame our educational program. These are subjects that stand out mainly for their importance, which also offer a variety of approaches with modern pedagogical methods. Environmental and museum education, participatory activities and hands-on experience are the new pedagogical elements that characterize our thematic offerings.

Some of the thematic tributes we choose are:

  • Traffic education
  • Environmental protection and preservation education
  • Ecological approaches and interventions, e.g. recycled paper production workshop, animals are threatened
  • The Folk Tradition
  • The water (The water of the sea, the lake, the river, the rain. The water and the ice. The water in the song, in the fairy tale, in the painting, in the construction. The water that nourishes us, that washes us, that travels us )
  • Space (Our solar system a group of planets and moons. Life in a spaceship)
  • Painting (Great painters, basic painting techniques and color composition)
  • The music, the nutrition
  • Organization of school holidays, educational trips
  • The feelings